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015 - Coworking & Startups w/ Chirag Gupta

Today I'm here with Chirag Gupta who runs a coworking space calls NoD Coworking. He developed the space to be an area that people could come together to network and pool their resources, stemming from a passion for helping others. Having always liked the idea of starting an accelerator/incubator, I had some questions around the business model and how difficult it is to get a space started and self-sustaining.

014 - The CRM Deep-Dive Mastermind

On this episode of Analysis Paralysis, I was invited to The Marketing Automation Discussion podcast for a CRM mastermind with host Alex Glenn, and CRM experts Scott Gellatly and Mark Colgan. We talk about all things pricing, strategy, automation, and how to set up your CRM for success.

013 - Automate Your Business Using Zapier with Nathan Lee

In today’s episode of Analysis Paralysis, I'm talking with Nathan Lee, not related to the prior episode guest, Jon Lee. Nathan is an up and coming podcaster that loves automation and is working on a new podcast series built around Zapier and automation. We discuss why Zapier is such a great tool for those looking to get into automation for their business. If you are unfamiliar with Zapier or looking to get more involved with automation, this is a great episode for you!

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